ALERT: Car thieves target SEVEN vehicles in Sheffield suburb in single day

Moss Grove, Hackenthorpe. Picture: Google
Moss Grove, Hackenthorpe. Picture: Google

Car thieves targeted seven vehicles in the space of 24 hours in a Sheffield suburb.

They struck in the east part of the city between 7am yesterday and 7am this morning.

They took a jacket and wallet from a car parked in Smelter Wood Avenue, Stradbroke, and then pinched a sat nav system from a van on nearby Smelter Wood Drive.

Two men were spotted fleeing the scene in Moss Grove, Hackenthorpe, after tools were stolen from a van.

The fuel pump was taken from a vehicle in Meadowcroft Glade, Westfield, and thieves also stole a sat nav from an Asda delivery van parked in Fishponds Road, Intake.

A woman had her car stolen from the Asda in Handsworth while she was returning her trolley.

A police spokesperson said: "Please consider the items that are left on display in your vehicles. Don't make yourself a target."