Alert after 'man tries to snatch boy' near South Yorkshire shop

Home Bargains in Doncaster. Picture: Google
Home Bargains in Doncaster. Picture: Google

A traumatised parent has told how a man tried to snatch her 'precious boy' outside a shop in South Yorkshire.

Mum Samantha Hodgson told how a 'full grown bloke' tried to grab her son near the Home Bargains store close to Sandall Park in Doncaster yesterday.

She told how she had taken her eye off her boy for a moment when the terrifying ordeal unfolded.

And if it was not for a brave homeless man who intervened, she fears she may never have seen her son again.

This latest incident comes after claims of another attempted abduction in nearby Barnsley a few days ago.

Samantha urged parents to remain vigilant and to always keep a check on their children when visiting the area.

She said: "To all mums out there, don't take your kids out of your sight for a second.

"A full grown bloke tried getting away with my precious boy. My head is messed up since this.

"I took my eye off my boy and if it wasn't for a homeless man I could have never seen my boy again."

She added: "I just want to forget the worse ever experience of my life.

"I honestly will keep such a closer eye on my two. You never actually think this could ever happen to you. My kids are my everything."

The concerned mum told how police visited her yesterday evening and was told officers are treating the incident as an attempted abduction and will be reviewing CCTV footage from the area.

Samantha posted details about the incident on Facebook and it has now gone viral with more than 700 shares.

And one woman claimed a similar incident happened several days ago.

Ann Vickers said: "This happened in Barnsley in the week. Two blokes in a white van tried to abduct a friend's granddaughter.

"What has this country come to."

Ricky Davidson added: "This is shocking. Why is there even men like that walking free?"

South Yorkshire Police have not yet released details about the incident. They have been contacted for comment and we are awaiting a reply.