Action over litter as fines hiked up

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NEWS: News.

LITTER bugs in Doncaster are being warned fines for littering the town’s street are on the rise.

At a full meeting of Doncaster Council, deputy mayor, Coun Cynthia Ransome, announced the fine for dropping litter will increase from £75 to £80.

She said: “Cleaning up litter from our streets comes at a considerable cost of around £3.3 million of public money each year.

“This is why we take tough action against those responsible for dropping the litter - issuing 2,745 fixed penalties for littering last year and always prosecuting anyone who thinks that they can get away without paying their penalty.

“The planned increase to the maximum current that legislation allows, sends a clear message to residents that littering is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it in Doncaster.

She added: “I hope that this increase will act as a deterrent to litter louts and help us move one step closer to a cleaner town that we can all be proud of.”

The fixed penalty for graffiti offences, flyposting and the unauthorised distribution of literature will also increase to £80.

The increase comes as the council reveals nearly 3,000 fixed penalty notices have been dished out over the last year, mostly to people who have dropped litter.

Across the borough, officers have issued 2,943 fixed penalty notices, 2,745 of which were for litter.

Non-payment of fixed penalty notices has resulted in 230 successful prosecutions in court.

Meanwhile, the authority has conducted 3,827 investigations into waste and fly-tipping which has resulted in magistrates handing out over £10,000 worth of fines and court costs.

The council also claims it has improved the way it deals with poorly maintained properties using Section 215 notices.

It has dealt with 205 complaints and issued 54 legal notices which have resulted in improvements being made.

The council’s staff have also dealt with with 1,614 untidy gardens using similar powers.