Act to prevent gas poisoning

RESIDENTS in the Isle are being urged not to become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning by fitting detectors in their homes.

Humberside Fire Service has issued the advice for folk to get a carbon monoxide detector as nights grow darker and fires are switched on.

A fire service spokesman said: “As the cooler nights draw in and the heating is turned on, the risk of CO2 poisoning is increased.

“If carbon monoxide is detected, these alarms will sound, giving residents an early warning enabling them to escape.”

Carbon monoxide is a gas that can be produced by faulty gas boilers, gas fires, heaters and cookers, wood burning stoves and open fires. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, toxic gas dubbed the silent killer.

Fire bosses added that the best way to prevent poisoning is to have appliances checked by a registered engineer.

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