Act now for fire safety and ‘Do it for Libby’

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Tomorrow is the final day to support a bid to get smoke alarms fitted in private rented homes.

As the South Yorkshire Times runs its own campaign for the compulsory fitting of smoke alarms in private rented properties, responses to push a Government review are needed by tomorrow.

The Times began its campaign ‘Do it for Libby’ following the recent tragic loss of tot Libby-Jayne Hornsby, who died in a house on Don Street, Conisbrough, that had no smoke alarm fitted.

We want to see every private rented home fitted with a working smoke alarm, in a bid to prevent further tragedy and heartache.

Our campaign is supported by Libby’s family along with top fire chiefs, senior MPs and Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy.

A bill passed in the House of Lords last December will give Government the power to introduce a requirement for carbon monoxide and/or smoke alarms to be fitted in private rented homes.

But these powers will only be used if the bill is supported in a Government review.

Send your responses by the end of tomorrow, March 28, to PRSREVIEW@COMMUNITIES.GSI.GOV.UK

Statistics show that people are four times more likely to die in a fire in properties without a smoke alarm. And the economic benefit of preventing just one fire fatality will pay for the annual cost to landlords of fitting smoke alarms.