A terrifying T-rex hunting for prey in Doncaster


A terrifying tyrannosaurus took visitors to Doncaster Dome on a step back in time over the half term holidays.

This was no Jurassic Park however, as the town facility played host to real-life dinosaur expert, Dean Lomax from ITV’s Dinosaur Britain.

Dean is an award-winning palaeontologist, science communicator and author.

He has travelled around the world and worked on many fascinating projects from excavating dinosaurs in the American West to discovering new species of extinct marine reptiles in the UK.

Via twitter Dean said: “Wonderful day @DoncasterDome talking to over 1,000 people about dinosaurs and all things palaeontology. Awesome.”

Michael Hart, chief executive of DCLT, the compnay which manages the Dome, said: “We had a fantastic ‘Dino Day’ event in association with Doncaster Museum.

“Children were able to travel back in time and see the King of the Dinosaurs. T-Rex was hunting for prey throughout the day.”

He added: “In addition there was a fossil beach where children dug for prehistoric fossils and a model of a baby dinosaur.”

Visitors to the event also got to chat with Dean about all their favourite dinosaurs and he handed out plenty of fascinating facts.

For more information about Dean visit www.deanrlomax.co.uk, and about future events coming up at The Dome www.the-dome.co.uk


* More than 50 species of tyrannosaurus gave been identified.

* The most complete fossil specimen measured up to 12.3m (40ft) in length.

* It measured up to 4m (13ft) tall at the hips.

* Its weight was up to 6.8 metric tons (7.5 short tons) in weight.