A quarter of Doncaster drivers have driven a car with no MOT

NEAABE120214c1, M1 motorway near junction 26
NEAABE120214c1, M1 motorway near junction 26

Shocking new findings show that 27.4 percent of motorists from Doncaster have driven a car, knowing it has no MOT.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) surveyed 1,000 UK motorists and found that, of those that have driven a car without a valid MOT, 67 percent admitted driving for up to a week before the retest, 24 percent for up to a month, 7 percent for up to six months and 2 percent for more than six months.

By driving without an MOT, motorists risk fines of up to £1,000, as well as potentially invalidating their motor insurance, which itself counts as a driving offence carrying between six to eight penalty points.

Cars older than three years also require a valid MOT before they can be taxed – with further fines for motorists who drive an untaxed car.

The research suggests men are more likely to continue driving after their MOT has lapsed – 35 percent of all male drivers say they have done so, versus 31 percent of female drivers.

The data also suggests that younger motorists are worst at remembering the test date, with 39 percent of drivers aged 18-24 saying they have continued to drive after the MOT had expired.

The most diligent motorists were 45-54 year-olds, with only 28 percent saying the same.