A Masher’s Jubilee day

Richard Millard is a member of popular Rawmarsh folk band and gig organisers the Rawmarsh Mashers. Here’s his jubilee experience with a difference.

“Just by way of a change I must be one of few people walking around post weekend without aching arms given the amount of flag waving that has been going on in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

The Rawmarsh Masher is not a “flag waver” on the best of occasions, but trying to find any sort of balanced comment this Bank Holiday was near impossible.

So while the majority of you were waving your flags, eating your tea at the street parties and singing along to “Knees Up Mother Brown” The Rawmarsh Masher was unusually cast in the role of Party pooper.

Yes a group of plotters got together and mounted a Festival of Discussion, Words and Music called Banners High. Thirteen hours ranging from the serious debate to completely off the wall performance.

For the Masher it was a day of rushing around, making sure people were in the right place at the right time, and worrying about the logistics of PA systems and Microphones as Rotherham Art Events, still very much in it’s infancy, sought to take on the might of the Rotherham Street Party.

Sadly no contest during the day. Even well-known Rotherham Anarchists could be found boasting Union Jack hats and singing songs of celebration, we will not name and shame here. Yet in the evening, with everyone up for a real Party Rotherham Rocked in Rebellion, with some fantastic local Bands - Brain Bomb, Papa Legba’s and The Sons of El Roacho supporting Ed “Tenpole Tudor” Pole. Yes we 30, 40, and 50-somethings can still do the “pogo” with the best, it may have taken me the rest of the weekend for my poor abused body to recover, but it was worth every oouch. It made my Jubilee weekend. Brilliant and creative writing and performance and amazing music”.