A hairy royal reception at Wombwell

editorial image

ROYALS have descended on Wombwell – but the only rings this regal mob are likely to sport will be through their NOSES!

The six hairy Highlanders, from the royal Balmoral Estate, are the latest visitors to RSPB Old Moor nature reserve.

They will work hard, keeping grass and other unwanted vegetation short for the next 12 to 18 months.

Grateful lapwings, a priority species for protection in the Dearne Valley, will then have their ideal habitat.

Julia Makin, RSPB visitor officer, said: “At Old Moor, our cattle are always treated like royalty, no matter where they came from. But, with their links to the royal estate, these newcomers are rather special.

“All our Highland cattle do an extremely valuable job for us at a grassroots level and we’re sure these latest additions will soon be earning a seal of approval, royal or otherwise.”

Once the cattle’s conservation work is done, owners Keith and Janet Gascoigne – who graze their cows on several RSPB sites in Yorkshire – sell their “Yorkshire Highlander” beef at local farmers’ markets.