10-point guide for showing potential buyers around your home

Selling is an art that some people seem to be born with, some seem to acquire and others never have. We all sell something at some time in our lives and among the larger items, is the house we live in when we decide to move on.

Now it could be argued that a house sells itself or that it is sold by the estate agent. Both are right in a way but, in so many cases, it is the first impression the potential buyer gets that makes him or her decide the house is exactly what they want. In other words, it rests with whoever is showing them around to tip the balance in favour of the property.

Showing viewers around a house is an art and one that most house owners trying to sell, would be well advised to acquire. Here are ten tips that are worth bearing in mind when faced with the job of showing potential buyers around.

1. Have the house constantly on a state of ‘alert’, ready for viewers with appointments and those who, in spite of instructions to the contrary, might drop by unannounced.

2. Don’t keep them waiting on the doorstep too long. However don’t open the door as they ring the door bell, and drag them enthusiastically inside. This can be quite alarming.

3. Don’t frog-march them on a tour of your own choosing. Allow them to choose their route.

4. Don’t keep up a constant barrage of chatter and don’t keep extolling the virtues and beauties of every feature. It puts people off.

5. Have the place well lit, there is nothing worse than trying to peer through impenetrable gloom at features you cannot distinguish.

6. Don’t try obviously to hide poor features. Your attitude will highlight them brighter than a spotlight.

7. Don’t rubbish the estate agent.

8. Never appear too eager, they’ll wonder why you really want to sell.

9. Don’t keep looking at your watch as though you were in a hurry. You are in a hurry to sell the house but if you appear so, you won’t. Allow them all the time they need, offer them tea or coffee and invite them to sit, relax and ask any questions that occur to them,

10, Before they go, offer them another opportunity to take a second look or make a firm appointment for them to view again on another day.