£1 million cut in business rates for Doncaster retailers

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More than 1,470 Doncaster businesses could be boosted by cuts to their business rates bills – saving them collectively more than £1 million.

Doncaster Council has today agreed a new policy to ease the burden on businesses by cutting rates for small public facing retailers to help boost local economies.

As part of its autumn statement, the Government announced it would provide Business Rates Relief of up to £1,000 a year for the next two years to occupied retail businesses – such as shops, restaurants and cafes.

The local authority has approved a design of the business retail relief scheme at its Full Council this week.

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones, said: “The creation of new jobs and economic growth in Doncaster is one of my key priorities. This scheme will complement the work we are undertaking, including creating new apprenticeships and helping local businesses secure Council contracts.

“It is vital to have the right policy in place to make this Business Rate Relief incentive to work. We have therefore developed a scheme which maximises the benefit to retailers in the Borough without incurring any cost to the authority.

“This is good news for local businesses and local taxpayers.”

Doncaster Council will be writing to ratepayers who appear to qualify for this new relief giving further details and instructions on how to apply.

All applications must be completed and signed by the ratepayer or a person authorised to sign on behalf of the rate payer.

The Government has promised to reimburse local authorities with any loss in revenue from the new scheme.

Under the new policy relief may be awarded where:

* The rateable value is £50,000 or less;

* The property is occupied;

* The property is accessible by the general public

* The property is wholly or mainly being used as a shop, restaurant, café or drinking establishment. These could be, for example, shops, post offices, markets, garden centres, hair salons, travel agents.

Certain properties have been excluded from the scheme nationally such as banks and payday lenders, solicitors, estate agents and medical surgeries.

The start date of the relief will normally be April 1, 2014. More details and an application form are available by going to:www.doncaster.gov.uk/sections/business/businessrates/index.