Your chance to live like your idol

Fancy winning a contract to look like your idol and get paid for it? Head to Rotherham Fake Festival this summer and your dreams could come true.

With Britain’s Got Talent having finished on ITV, and the number of tribute acts increasing every year, Fake Festivals, which is the sister company to Fake Faces, the national lookalike agency, is offering festival goers the chance to win a lookalike competition.

Jez Lee, owner of Fake Faces and Fake Festivals, said:

“As a lookalike agency, we are finding that requests to supply look-alikes for events, shows and publicity stunts are increasing incredibly,” said “We have supplied look-alikes for television programmes, celebrity music events and bizarrely enough, even radio for when they do their webcams. The demand is certainly there, we just need more look-alikes.”

“We will be holding a competition at each festival on the 2011 Fake Festivals, and the winner from each festival will be given drinks tokens and given a place in the grand final which will be at Thorne Fake Festival on August 27, where an unlimited amount of winners will be offered a Fake Faces contract.

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