We are a nation of garlic lovers

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It’s official - We no longer turn our noses up and re-coil in horror at the remnants of last night’s garlic on morning breath - so much so, we will even go in for a passionate embrace.

We ridiculed our nearest neighbouring nations, but no more. In a survey conducted to find out how we feel about that social faux pas Garlic Breath, conducted to mark National Garlic Day - in association with the premier Garlic produced in Spain. The results were resounding:

The nation was asked three questions- 1. Would you still go in for a passionate embrace despite a garlic breath explosion; 2. Up close and personal on the morning commute - how offensive is stale garlic in your direction and 3. How much is too much in your diner?

1. Its First date time and ‘the hot date’ orders garlic bread, a very garlicky pasta dish along with extra garlic sauce. Later, as that first kiss is about to happen, are we as a nation put off?! No! 80% of us would get involved regardless of their date’s garlic breath while just 20% would give them a wide berth and the West Country came out as the most up for some garlic passion!

2. The too close for comfort morning commute - An overwhelming, strong smell of last night’s garlic lingering in the carriage over one fellow passenger certainly doesn’t offend it seems these days- 84% simply thought it would remind them how much they like garlic and be inspired to add it to their shopping list! Only 16% would pull that un-impressed expression of horror reserved for irritating passengers and change carriage! And the North East are the least offended of all of us!

3. Alarming amounts of Garlic served? No sweat! The survey results revealed - if we see our dinner party host or hostess being heavy handed with the Garlic a resounding 93% were delighted at the prospect of some delicious Garlic depth - and just 7% wanted to run for the hills convinced the dish would be ruined!

Of course - the best way to enjoy Garlic is your way, but for any of us still not convinced, its simple - chop in larger chunks and the flavour (and lingering flavour) is less intense. And for the best Garlic taste - it has to be Spanish...

Garlic doesn’t thrive everywhere, it loves a well-drained sandy loam with some clay and chalk, it also likes potassium and magnesium - all which can be found in the region of Castile La Mancha, Spain - where the very best Garlic can be found!

This survey was conducted with www.greatbritishchefs.com in association with Foods from Spain. 9660 took part in the survey.