Those were the (school) days of our life!

Mexborough Grammar School Third Formers.
Mexborough Grammar School Third Formers.
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KIND Times reader, Mrs Maureen Dawson, of Mexborough, has brought in a photograph of Mexborough Grammar School Third Formers from 1961.

In charge of the school was the celebrated George Shields, and Mrs Dawson was even able to provide a line-up for most of the pupils:

Back (from left): Helen Henderson, Janet Davies, Graham Billups, ?, ?, David Henderson, Susan Rawle, ?, ?, Stella Coleman, Maurenn Travers and Jean Carter. Middle (from left): Jean Waterfield, ?, ?,Robert Brooks, Pat Smallwood, Alan Shaw, ?, ?, Michael Sayles, Pam Brookshaw and Stephen Adamson. Front (from left): ?, ?, Margaret ?, Carol Tennant, Mr ? Martin, Robert Drakeford and Lesley Unwin.

She thinks the final pupil may be Gordon Waddington.

Are you on the picture? Better still, can you name the missing names?

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