The Spice Lounge restaurant, Swinton

From Thai to Indian - and still worth a visit - the Spice Lounge, Swinton.
From Thai to Indian - and still worth a visit - the Spice Lounge, Swinton.

The sap in his curry glands rising, the ample Mr Quaffer had a sudden urge to go to Swinton... where a new Indian eatery had recently opened.

We were told some staff from Mexborough’s Spice Library restaurant had decamped up the road to the new Spice Lounge – and Quents wanted to track their early efforts.

The Church Street venue was much beloved of us in its last incarnation – the wonderful Thai cafe, Sukanya’s Kitchen.

It is now unrecognisable from its former life – having undergone a plush refurb which sets it out as a full-on restaurant rather than a cafe.

Beginning with the usual poppadums and pickles, we were immediately impressed.

The four-strong pickle tray boasted a mouth-watering mint raita, rich mango chutney, smooth onion salad and a crisp lime pickle. Excellent!

Next up was a shared, non-veg thali which helpfully, came pre-divided in two.

On offer were juicy shish kebabs, lamb samosas and various meaty treats in batter.

Although some of the meats had a deep crimson hue, the starter was enjoyable.

Then came a Sylhet Special from the Chef’s Speciality list for me, while Quents could not resist the Bangga Dingga Kharahi Special – which he picked just for its name.

And just for the love of it, we had a side dish of Sag Aloo (spinach and potatoes) too.

The Sylhet – king prawns, little prawns and vegetables in a thick sauce – came “highly recommended for fish eaters”.

Unless prawns are also fish these days, it did have a dearth of the aforesaid, but was rich in vegetables and chillis.

The dish warned that it was “spicy” – but if you try this one, the word is really... hot!

Quents’ Bangga Dingga had a lot of bang – in the form of green chillies – but he was happy chomping down big chunks of chicken, shish kebab and lamb tikka.

Although too full to even reach for the sweet menu, we were delighted to be presented with a complimentary shot of Baileys and a glass of brandy as we paid the £40 bill.

Despite still mourning the loss of the Thai cafe, we are happy to report its successor is likely to be a success.

We award it FOUR stars.

~ Sue