The Boat Inn, Sprotbrough

The Boat Inn has doubled its Quaffer star rating!
The Boat Inn has doubled its Quaffer star rating!

now that Spring has poked her radiant little head above the ground, Quentin Quaffer decided his evening ale should be sipped in sunnier surroundings than the darkend

So I parked up the Scoffer-mobile at Sprotbrough’s riverside Boat Inn, so that Quents could hear birdsong while he slurped his beer.

Now, the last time we ate at the Boat, in July last year, we were less than impressed. The server was surly and the grub grossly over-priced and badly cooked.

But within seconds, Quents had seized upon a menu and declared that changes had been made!

His eyes set squarely upon a chicken, leek and ham pie which was under £8.

“Now this looks more like it” he salivated, as he read about the applewood cheese sauce filling.

After badgering me to try the “hand-made” salmon fishcakes – so he could pinch half – I chose a chicken burger.

This time around, there was no long wait, no grunting waiter, and no grimacing on first bite. The food arrived swiftly and with a smile – and it was fine food.

Being a short-crust man, Quents pulled a face at the puff pastry – but once he found the runny cheese, he was grinning and gulping.

“Lovely cheese – doesn’t matter that it’s not a proper CARP pie” he mumbled through mouthfuls, referring to his devout “Campaign for Real (ie shortcrust) Pies” crusade.

Although the £7.45 price tag on a chicken burger had first appeared a little steep, it was right on the money.

With a huge chargrilled juicy chicken breast, tasty bacon, runny cheese and a big pile of chunky chips and salad, it was a great fillling meal.

Topped off with a bottle of Big Tom – a tomato juice like no other – I was nicely sated.

And smiling as the Adnams swilled round his belly, on the evening-sunlit patio, Quents declared the Sprot spot as one of the best on the Doncaster side for a Spring bite and a pint.

With a great setting, and much-imporved service and fayre, we can now double the Boat’s previous rating from two to FOUR stars.

~ Sue