Students get creative with spooky challenge

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Students at Doncaster College made the most of Halloween by getting in the spirit with a spooky themed brief.

NVQ apprentice hairdressing Level 3 students persuaded friends and colleagues to don make up and costumes as part of a creative module for their course.

The rule book was out the window as students used their imagination to create a whole host of weird and wonderful creations with a ghoulish twist.

From back combing to blood like make-up the students used their skills to create a range of different looks.

Among the supernatural figures that the NVQ Level 3 students prepared for the All Hollow’s Eve brief were vampires, monsters, ghosts, cats, witches, devils and even a spooky footballer.

Sharon McConnachie, hairdressing apprenticeship course leader at the college, said: “It was good for the students, after extensive planning, to express their creativity, and their own individuality and show off their multi-skills.”

“We run apprentice hair level 2 and advanced apprentice level 3 in creative skills all at the Hub campus and all of our apprentices are employed in prestigious salons across the local area.

“The courses that we run are role on role off programmes. There are about 40 students on the courses that have been running for a least 10 years with a success rate that is above the national average.”

There are no course fees if you are under 19. However all students will be required to purchase a personal kit,

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