Sheffield commuters' congestion confusion

Congestion concerns Sheffield commuters
Congestion concerns Sheffield commuters

Locals are most worried in the UK about becoming confused when travelling within the city while congestion causing over-long journeys is our main issue when venturing further afield.

Sheffield is ranked 13th of 33 UK-wide ranked in the easy travel guide.

The city shares the spot with Dundee in first ever Easy Travel Index with residents scoring 6.14 out of 10.

Edinburgh and Salford topped the index while Bristol took bottom spot.

The ETI, conducted by ESP Group, examined ease of use of transport in cities, attitudes to public transport and the car as well as British transport's future outlook.

Findings were presented last night at a Westminster reception attended by senior figures from across the nationwide transport sector.

The survey found Sheffield folk are most worried in the UK about becoming confused when travelling (20.8%). Locals stated congestion making journeys too long as main issue when travelling out of the city (36.6%).

ESP Group director of future transport Dr Steve Cassidy said: “The Easy Travel Index offers some real insights into the state of travel in the UK.

"With over half of the British public of the view that public transport does not meet their needs, and some common problems needing to be addressed, however, there are many opportunities for cities to improve their performance.

"We will be repeating this research on an annual basis and I look forward to seeing some of those cities towards the bottom of the Easy Travel Index improve their rankings.”

Nationally, according to the research, over half of the British public (53%) think that public transport in the UK simply does not meet their needs. This is felt most strongly by 45 to 59 year-olds (54%) and the over 60s (54%).

Supporting this view is the fact that almost a third (31%) feel that there is no economic alternative to the car and over a third (34%) therefore view the car as an expensive but necessary evil. The love affair with the car continues, especially among the over 60s with 70% of this group choosing to drive for local journeys and car ownership being highest among this group (70%).

The Easy Travel Index also showed clear differences between younger and older generations, some of them very surprising. For example, younger people (aged 16-20) worry the most when travelling with 47% worrying about getting lost; 37% worrying about personal safety and 36% worrying about not having the right documents.

The over 70s, however, worry the least of all age groups confirming other research by ESP which shows many older people have reduced expectations within constrained travel horizons.

Looking at the future of transport, when asked about driver-less cars, 28% of people in the UK thought they would be the norm by 2025.