REVIEW: Reg hunts down laughs with edge

Reginald D Hunter will be bringing his unqiue brand of comedy to Sheffield in May.
Reginald D Hunter will be bringing his unqiue brand of comedy to Sheffield in May.


Grand Opera House, York

IT might only be a small-ish venue, but comedian Reginald D Hunter has a voice that could boom around Wembley Stadium without any hint of difficulty.

That laidback yet lively drawl from America’s deep south has become a familiar sound on television over the past few years thanks to regular appearances on a host of television panel shows such as Have I Got News For You and QI.

But, as he paces about the stage with a hint of swagger and that warming smile, he warns us he’s not the same cuddly comic on stage as from the box.

He’s right.

For 90 minutes, Hunter is not afraid to delve into the deepest depths of comedy - so normally off-topic taboos like racism, domestic violence and even rape are chased in pursuit of sometimes edgy laughter. But this is no awkward “squirm in your seat” affair.

Reg is ably adapt at getting the audience on his side right from the off. The laughs are plentiful and warm and he knows just the kind of routes to go down in search of humour that other comics would perhaps turn away from.

A far bigger name in the UK than in his US homeland, Hunter’s drawl is like honey smothered velvet - a voice you could listen to telling stories and jokes all night long without ever getting tired.

The man is by far and away one of the most innovative comedians currently treading the boards in this country and you should catch him while you can.

Worthy mention to support act, Aussie Steve Hughes, a rock’n’roller of a comedian with lots of shouty stuff, lots of messages - but at the same time, heaps of laughs too. A fantastic evening with two solid masters of modern comedy.

* Darren Burke