Rare Alaskan bird spotted in area

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A RARE visitor winged in to Wombwell last week - and quickly gained an admiring audience.

An American Golden Plover, that rarely makes its way to England’s shores, was spotted at Old Moor RSPB Centre on Wednesday.

It is believed the hurricane that swept across the States, and subsequent weather disruption, was responsible for the appearance of the North American bird, that was identified as a moulting adult.

A spokesman for Old Moor said the bird has been sighted just eight times at the reserve since 1950.

The breed usually flies from its homeground in Alaska, down the east coast of America to the south for the winter.

The plover rested for one day at Old Moor. The spokesman said: “As the bird was blown here, so way off course, we feel it might end up somewhere like Spain now. It caused quite a bit of interest here.”