Platinum disc for Rawmarsh man

An album featuring a former Rawmarsh musician’s songs has been awarded a platinum disc for sales of 200,000 in India by EMI .

British Lion is the solo album of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden and features several songs written by Ian Roberts, who also plays drums on the tracks.

Former Rawmarsh Commmunity School pupil Ian developed his talents at a young age, culminating in a stint with the Halle Orchestra.

He worked extensively with cover bands and finally won a publishing deal with Dick James Music, of Elton John fame.

Later he worked with Hal Lindes of Dire Straits then signed to Universal Music Publishing to co-write with others.

His portfolio of material now plays in 37 countries every day.

British Lion was released on September 24 last year.

Ian, 52, almost lost his life and career when he suffered multiple fractures in a hit-and-run smash in London seven years ago, and recovered slowly over three years.

Success didn’t come easy for the accomplished drummer, pianist and guitarist, but he said: “For all the encouragement and drum/piano lessons from Mrs Fletcher the head of music at what was Rawmarsh Comprehensive school.....I would like to say a special thank you.”