Part 63: Romeo or Juliet?

The Way We Were - Part 63 - Romeo or Juliet?
The Way We Were - Part 63 - Romeo or Juliet?

Some forethought is surely sensible when picking a name for a newborn child as it should be remembered that the offspring will be saddled with living with the chosen title - something that might even bring derision and ridicule upon them.

I recall when in my teaching years I often saw such fun poked at certain pupils. Biblical names have always been popular but kids did not live easily with their being labled Isaac, Zechariah or Ishmael. However many biblical girls’ names like Eve, Miriam, Elizabeth are still commonplace but I have never come across a Jezebel!

In my boyhood, parents often went for the names of filmstars so there was no shortage of Randolphs, Tyrones, Victors or Humphries, Janes, Shirleys, Bettys and Graces.

Over the years Christian names have changed a lot simply because people do follow the trends in fashion, films, sport or whatever. Remaining very popular names for girls are Jessica, Sophia and Charlotte. And then there were many old favourites now in decline such as Andrew, Brian, Jean, Margaret and Patricia. Now we are more into Rhiannes, Shannons, Jordans, Camerons, Kayleighs, Chelseas. It is all a fascinating subject with names drawn from literature, the Bible, television, royalty, peers, and almost anything that takes the fancy so after the Olympics look out for a few more Jessicas as well as the odd Mo (Mohammed), Olympia or Usain.

Ou friends across the pond exercise little restraint in Christening their children, so we get allsorts from Ahab, Boaz, Newt, Victory, Buzz, Pleasure, Sugar, Dandelion, Peaches, Chocolate or Honeybee, and these are far from the strangest designations over there. Next week Part 64 - Say Cheese.