Meet the Human Lie Detector

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A Nationally famous ex–policeman who became known as the Human Lie-Detector is signing copies of his latest best–selling book in Doncaster on Saturday (May 21).

Darren Stanton hit the headlines last year, after news organisations used him to dissect the body language of political leaders David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown during the televised pre-election Prime Ministerial debates.

His insights formed part of the election coverage for the Daily Telegraph and he was also asked to write the top ten tips for spotting a liar by The Sun, following the end of Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage.

Now he has condensed his wisdom into a best–selling book Project Jam Jar, a confidence manual packed with tips on how to ‘turn dreams into reality’. Darren said: “Most of us allow society, or our families and friends to set limitations on us when the reality is we can achieve anything we wish. The question I ask people is: What jam jar are you in?”.

He is promoting the book through a tour of book shops across the UK where fans will be able to purchase signed copies. On Saturday, he will be appearing at WH Smith in West Mall, Doncaster, from 11am.