Make the most of internet vloggers

A woman putting on her make-up. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.
A woman putting on her make-up. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

These days it seems like social media is taking over our lives.

If we’re not hash tagging away on Twitter we’re looking at pictures of what our mates have had for their tea on Facebook.

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

I remember a time when talk of trends used to be fashion related but now it’s all to do with the top topics making waves on twitter.

And while there are aspects of social media that drive me up the wall - including endless invites to play candy crush and such like - there are definite benefits too.

The latest internet craze I have recently discovered is vlogging.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept vlogging is basically video blogging.

There are those vloggers who take it to the extreme - for instance I find the supermarket shop boring enough without watching a vlog of someone else loading their trolley with essentials.

But some vlogs are like uncovering gold.

Before you dismiss this latest internet craze as another flash in the pan I would encourage you to look at what’s on offer.

I have stumbled across some amazing online beauty vlogs where you can all pick up tricks of the trade without the price tag attached.

It’s all free - no college course fees needed.

In fact I have become so addicted to these tutorial type videos that I’m finding myself neglecting my TV viewing in favour of watching back to back vlogs.

My favourite has to be Tanya Burr - a former make-up artist who specialises in make-up tutorials to recreate celebrity looks.

From smoky eyed Kardashian inspired glamour looks to more demure everyday looks, there’s something for everyone.

The tips I have already picked up are amazing - from how to achieve sculpted cheekbones to the best bargain products to use.

It was quite literally like make-up porn for a beauty junkie like myself.

If you haven’t seen her vlogs get involved.

And miraculously some vloggers are becoming so popular that they are making a full time living out of it.

With millions of subscribers and twitter followers it has become a career for many of these vloggers who can earn thousands of pounds for mentioning a product to their millions of fans.

And the vloggers are not just attracting followers and likes on Facebook but practically turning into celebrities themselves joining the A-listers on the red carpets and getting invited to the opening of an envelope.

Quick pass me the camcorder.