In the Saddle with Anita Marsh: The Winterton Spring Show

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What's the one thing you don't want to forget when you’re heading out to a show? Well, the horse is the first major thing, I did remember her thankfully. I forgot the bridle and as soon as we unloaded our pony after nearly an hour’s journey, I just knew what I had done. Schoolboy error.

The thing is (and here come my excuses) I had glued her browband back together after part of it had come undone, then I had the not-so-genius idea of hanging it out of sight of our chewing rescue dog Suzie.

After a run home for the husband (and missing the Tack and Turnout showing class), we were just in time to enter Ridden Pony. Luckily they let us into the class a little bit late, as I had been to see them to explain about the bridle.

We had a brilliant day, after a stressful start and entered three classes. Alyssia came first in Bonny Pony and Family Pony and second in Ridden Pony. We were thrilled for her. She won two trophies and three Easter Eggs.

Forgetting the bridle was probably a brilliant thing in the end, as ended up meeting a lovely family parked next to us in the hunt for a spare bridle. Indeed their little girl inspired my daughter to do her first showing class without me in the ring, I was bursting with pride. It was only a walking class, but it is the start of her hopefully coming off the lead rein by the end of the season.

The show was well organised by the Scunthorpe and District Pony Club and the judges were really good and helpful. I really enjoyed it there. I also bumped into David Neve, a brilliant equine photographer who has captured lovely photos of me and my horses in the past doing cross country.

So, despite forgetting an important piece of equipment, we came out of it having a brilliant day, meeting new friends and Alyssia rode her first class on her own.

Very, very proud!