I want to sing... with Lady Gaga!

Christie at his old school in Denaby Main.
Christie at his old school in Denaby Main.

SINGING superstar Tony Christie went back to school last week – when he visited the Conisbrough Balby Street Primary School in Denaby Main, where he learned to read and write.

And he revealed to stunned staff and pupils his new “ambition” – to sing a duet with... Lady Gaga!

Tony poses with pupils at Balby Street Primary School.

Tony poses with pupils at Balby Street Primary School.

It was a revisit-the-past month for the Conanby lad turned international superstar, whose hits – such as Is This The Way to Amarillo and I Did What I Did For Maria – made him a world name.

First he opened his new UK tour – in the club where he first trod the boards – and now he’s visited the school where his singing talents were first recognised.

And he passed on some musical tips to pupils at the Crags Road school, who made a singing CD of their own last week.

Answering questions from curious kids –including who he would most like to record a duet with – he answered that most of his idols were dead... before offering Lady Gaga as a potential singing partner!

Afterwards, headteacher Ian Henderson told the Times: “He did say he’d sing with Lady Gaga – but I’m sure it was tongue-in-cheek!

“We learned a lot of things about him though – such as his musical idol being Frank Sinatra and how Tony spent 10 years singing in clubs before getting his big break.

“He also said it was here that his singing talents were first spotted, when his teacher heard him and called him to the front.”

Mr Henderson said Tony, whose brother Neil is the vice-chairman of the governors at the school, spent a portion of his hour-long visit scouring the site where his old school building had been, before it was rebuilt, tracing out where his classrooms had been.

The headteacher added: “He enrolled at the school, but his dad was in the forces and Tony’s family moved to Lincoln for a time, before Tony came back to the school for a few more years.

“We found a register from his time here, with his name in it, and showed it to him.”

Mr Henderson added: “I don’t know when he’ll next be back at school – he’s a very busy man. But we intend to make sure he gets a copy of our CD... which contains 15 tracks of the pupil’s favourite songs and is available to parents after Easter.”