Grand Medieval Joust, Bolsover Castle

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Charging horses and fully armoured knights will be clashing in spectacular medieval action as heroes from all four corners of the country gather at Bolsover Castle near Chesterfield for English Heritage’s Grand Medieval Joust.

On Sunday and Monday four knights will enter the tournament. Jousting on horseback with only a 5mm wide slit in their helmets to see through and armed with a lance 3.3m long, the knights will charge towards each other at combined closing speeds of 25mph to fight to prove their chivalrous skills.

Visitors can choose their champion and discover the secrets of their armour and weaponry as they are dressed in preparation for combat by their squires.

There will be mischief and mayhem from the court jester, displays of firepower and performances of medieval music. Plus, visitors can wander the medieval encampment and chat to the costumed re-enactors as they go about their daily lives and witness medieval falconry.

For children inspired by the actions of our chivalrous heroes, there’s even a Knight School to get involved in and find out if they’ve got what it takes – complete with junior jousting, mock battles and armour to try on.