Ghostbusting – in the privacy of your own front room!

Iain conducts a hi-tech ghost hunt.
Iain conducts a hi-tech ghost hunt.

Is your house haunted? Are you kept awake with strange footsteps or bumps in the night?

If so, Swinton’s paranormal investigators, Hauntastic Events, will now offer you an in-home investigation service, using their impressive range of electronic gadgetry.

Hauntastic’s organiser and former army sniper, Iain Lawrence, said: “Most of the people we are coming across are telling us about things that are happening in their homes .

These happenings are causing problems with their marriages... one man actually moved out to live with his mother!

“We have fine–tuned our techniques now, so that we can set up our equipment in the “haunted” room and do the investigations from the van.

“Sometimes, whether we find anything or not, the mere fact we are present and do an investigation often resolves the problem people are experiencing”.

Hauntastic events recently raised £420 with a ghost–hunting night at Cusworth Hall in aid of the Help for Heroes fund.

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