Get set for a (bike) ride through the 70s

Rawmarsh author Tony Beesley's latest book cover.
Rawmarsh author Tony Beesley's latest book cover.

BE prepared to be cast right back to the 1970s with the latest volume penned by author Tony Beesley.

Veering for the first time away from the music scene that had immeasurable impact on his life, Beesley charts life through a child’s eye view from the home he shared with his family in Rawmarsh.

He hurls himself back to the kid he was, recalling life through searingly honest, funny and colourful episodes.

Family spats, holidays, school days, good times and bad times spill from the pages with common threads, to strike familiar chords in anyone who was around at the time.

You’ll relive the 70s but will also relive your childhood – I would challenge you not to...

Victor, Beano, Lego and beloved toy soldiers...General Custer’s last stand was one of hundreds of back yard battles!

Dinky cars, toy swaps, and women’s washing and baking rivalries.

And pure joy as Beesley asks: “Does life get any better than a red Chopper bike for Christmas?”

Being slippered at school, terrified by biker gangs of ‘greasers’, watching Alias Smith and Jones, The Tomorrow People (that nobody ever understood), and rumours that led Rawmarsh lads to don two pairs of Y-fronts for several weeks!

Other things mentioned include going to Millmoor for the first time, power cuts, pubs, bingo, and plastic rifles...playing knock-a-door, climbing trees, snowballing and cowering from a ‘bat’ at the top of the stairs – to find it was the shadow of a piece of guttering!

Watergate, the Vietnam War, the Bay City Rollers and Jaws – the film.

Kid on a Red Chopper Bike is a great romp through a decade, and is priced £8.99 from all major bookshops.

Sally Burton