DINING OUT: Mumbai Lounge, Darfield

Mumbai Lounge, Darfield
Mumbai Lounge, Darfield

After several weeks trying to stay spiceless, Indian-mad Quentin Quaffer discharged himself from curry-addict rehab.... and checked into the Mumbai Lounge in Darfield.

Our last foray to the Doncaster Road Indian restaurant was on its opening on a freezing December day.

There we savoured some sample dishes, and were excited by the delicious home-cooked traditional-style offerings.

Now curious to see how the fayre had fared in the last five months, we returned with high expectations.

First up came poppadums – and a tray of FIVE pickles, which we scoffed while perusing the extensive menu!

Alongside the lime pickle was a delicious ruby red offering that was so moreish Quents and I were swiftly in spoon-to-spoon conflict to scrape the bowl clean.

“It’s our own home-made recipe of tomatoes, mangoes chilis and other secret ingredients”, our waiter said.

Quents replied it was the finest pickle he’d ever had.

Mulligatawny soup was next for me, while Quents had a starter of a fried whole trout... and the soup too!

But, as tasty as the fish was, Quents ate it very gingerly after getting a mouthful of bones.

The soup was nice enough, though I found myself reaching for the salt and pepper to give it a little more oomph!

But my main course – the lamb deshi masala needed no additions.

It was special – truly special – with its rich blend of spices, garlic, bay leaves and cinnamon. It could hold its own against the very best.

Unable to decide on just one dish – Quents picked THREE in the form of the Deluxe Thali.

This comprised king prawn masala, chicken tikka madras and a lamb tikka bhuna.

He wasn’t expecting the king prawn masala to be bright pink, sweet and fruity, but he liked it nonetheless.

And the madras and bhuna were wolfed with a smile. Our feast, including drinks came to £41.

We award the Mumbai Lounge a coveted FOUR stars for a very pleasant experience and a delicious lamb dish.