Back to School... Bentley New Village Primary School-Christmas 1953

Bentley Primary School pupils, pictured around 1953.
Bentley Primary School pupils, pictured around 1953.

THIS week’s school photograph is another cracker which was taken in Coronation Year Christmas 1953 at Bentley New Village Primary School.

As you can see from the classroom wall behind the pupils the boys and girls were very keen on their artwork, especially appropriate at that time of year. What a lovely set of smiles too, even the rufty tufty lads with the wrinkly socks seem to have enjoyed the session.

Names on pictures can sometimes go either way, the donor remembers nothing or they remember everybody! Fortunately Janet Roberts (nee Kitson) is a regular contributor and has a good memory so here goes with almost every face identified.

Back Row:

Elizabeth Chambers, Maurice Fuller, Fred Hutchinson, Alan Winfield, John Carlisle, Brian Tinson, Janet Kitson.

Next Row Down:

John Parry, Susan Hicken, Carol Hunt, Pauline Sanderson, Unknown, Eric Surgey, Trevor Jones, Peter Wainwright, Unknown.

Seated on chairs:

Alan Kirby, Terence Gone, Judith Langton, Dennis Knowles, Richard Butterworth, Susan Moore?, Pauline Sharpe, Colin Limber, Unknown, Brenda Beardsmore, Johnny Wallet.

Seated on the floor:

Brian Johnson, Patricia Evans, Margaret Humphries. Maybe some of our readers will be able to fill in the missing names?