365 days in the life of a South Yorkshire village

TALENTED artist Dan Jones has spent a whole year creating a picture a day to map a history of the last year in Barnburgh and Harlington.

And Dan, from Barnburgh, is exhibiting the resulting sketches and sculptures at The Point arts centre in Doncaster.

His display will join other works at the Reconnection exhibition, held until March 11.

Dan said: “I recorded Barnburgh and Harlington over a year to show seasonal changes in the village where I grew up as a child. This exhibition aims to reconnect people with the changes and natural beauty of their local environment and traditions, many of which are lost or go by unobserved due to the busy daily lives we all live.”

His work comprises 365 drawings of the two villages, one made on each day in 2010, illustrating the changes in landscape, season and activity.

A gallery spokesman added: “Unlike taking photographs, drawing needs time and consideration to really observe and consider a place and what makes it unique. The artist has distilled this understanding into four sculptures, one for each season, which will be shown alongside the related drawings.

“It is important to encourage reconnection with the physical, whether that be the landscape, taking part in local customs or making by hand in a social group.”

The Reconnection project has involved more than 100 people from Doncaster in sculpture-making and drawing workshops.

Later in the spring Dan’s work will be displayed atSt Peter’s Church, Barnburgh.