Cantley mum sets up fertility business

Sarah Hunter has opened a fertility business in Doncaster, Fertlisearch. She is pictured here with daughter Nyima, two and husband Chodak. Picture: Marie Caley D5543MC
Sarah Hunter has opened a fertility business in Doncaster, Fertlisearch. She is pictured here with daughter Nyima, two and husband Chodak. Picture: Marie Caley D5543MC

Becoming a mother was a role Sarah Hunter had longed for her whole life.

Determined to find an alternative to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) Sarah and husband Chodak sought answers elsewhere.

Amazingly after years of torture determined Sarah is now proud mum to two-year-old Nyima and pregnant with her second child.

The Cantley couple’s rollercoaster journey has inspired Sarah to help others and she now opened her own business Fertilisearch.

Sarah said “I wouldn’t wish anyone to feel the way I did when the doctors told me I had unexplained infertility and that my only option was IVF. Everyone around me seemed to be getting pregnant and I felt so alone like I was the only person going through this.”

Sarah and her partner Chodak, who is originally from Tibet, had tried to get pregnant for years before eventually contacting their doctor.

After countless tests and appointments Sarah was told that she had an ‘unexplained fertility issue’.

For most couples at this stage the only option is (IVF). But due to the low success rate and expense Sarah and Chodak decided it wasn’t for them.

After refusing IVF and trying the adoption route, Chodak had given up hope but something told Sarah to keep the faith.

Sarah then proceeded down the adoption route but was refused due to legalities of support required from other family members.

It was then that Sarah received a glimmer of hope when Chodak’s brother called to say that he was going to have a baby which they could adopt to give the child a better life.

Sarah completed the adoption but two weeks before disaster struck when they were refused a passport for the baby.

But after a psychic predicted the couple would have a baby girl in two years time they were determined to preserve.

“Despite all of the knock backs and heartache along the way something inside wouldn’t let me give up. I’m quite a determined person and although after every obstacle we faced I did feel like becoming pregnant and having a baby was never going to happen, I picked myself up and tried again.” said Sarah.

The next three months became quite the spiritual journey for Sarah as she discovered that to become pregnant it isn’t just about how ‘fertile’ you are but it’s about your health, body and mind.

Sarah quit her stressful job at an online casino company and incorporated natural therapies and spiritual practices.

Three months later Sarah fell pregnant and now the happy couple have a little girl Nyima - the Tibetan word for sunshine - and have a second child on the way.

Fertilisearch, in South Parade, is specifically designed to help people search for and find all the information needed on natural alternatives to IVF. It offers advice and progress through a tailored working plan that encompasses natural fertility treatments including reflexology, reiki, counselling, nutrition, and hypnotherapy.

Sarah added: “I want to help couples achieve their dream of becoming pregnant and having a child without having to go through IVF. I refused IVF for my own reasons and disagreed with doctors’ opinions. To become pregnant is more than just having a good sperm count or fertile eggs.

“I believe you need to be happy in life which includes your job, your home life, but the reasons can be spiritually deeper, truly understanding your bodies and minds.”

To find out more visit or call Fertilsearch on 01302 590 222