Doncaster school orchestra performs with rock legends Status Quo

Jeff Rich, best known as the drummer from the legendary rock group – Status Quo, visited Rossington St Michael’s Primary School to deliver a fantastic drum masterclass to the whole school recently.

During the masterclass, Jeff Rich demonstrated his versatility on a variety of drums dating back through history with the help of individual children.

Jeff Rich with the pupils

Jeff Rich with the pupils

He then invited the whole of Key Stage Two to play percussion with him as he kept everyone in time on his highly impressive drum kit followed by a repeat performance for Key Stage One. 

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Jeff commented after that he hadn’t heard a primary school ensemble play as well as St Michael’s, playing with great control and musicianship.

This was great encouragement to the children as they are preparing for the Robin Hood Music Festival later this month. 

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Right at the end of the masterclass, Jeff presented Annabelle, who is only 5, and has just recently taken her Grade One drum exam, with a pair of his own signed drum sticks to encourage her to continue with her drumming.

A spokesman said: “The whole school, both staff and pupils, really enjoyed the hands-on experience that Jeff Rich brought to the school that morning and, as a school, are continuing to look for more and more ways to encourage as many children as possible to get involved in performing music.”