Disability charity Scope launches new range for your little monsters

Mindful Monsters is the award-winning activity programme for children and parents from disability equality charity Scope, that encourages mindfulness in children, ages 3 – 8.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 11:39 am
Kai with his mum and dad

Monster products ares now available at Scope charity shops, including notebooks, magnets, coasters, mugs and t-shirts.

Helping celebrate the new collection launch is Thinky, the monster activity that encourages children to concentrate.

A mug from the new range

The store range complements the on-line collection, which offers a wide range of personalised and non-personalised products including clocks, water bottles, cushions, mugs, aprons, greetings cards and much more.

They make fun gifts for children, and many are ideal to take to school. Parents will love their own Monster cushion or apron, while everyone’s personalised place mat will make family meal times a lot more fun.

Since launching in 2017, the Mindful Monsters programme has been loved by both early years and primary school aged children, as well as parents and teachers. Each month, parents receive a set of seven activity cards featuring the four monsters with their own inspiring theme of activities:

Thinky helps children to focus and concentrate: Giggles helps children to see the positive side of things: Sparky inspires children to be creative: Snug helps calms young minds and helps them to relax. Each card offers not only fun things to do, they also help parents make the most of that precious quality time with their children.

Mindfulness is the art of being in the present and paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. The Mindful Monsters activity cards are inspired by this principle and help children to develop emotional resilience and important life skills.  Scope developed Mindful Monsters with the support of mindfulness experts, the activities are specially created to develop a child’s emotional resilience, concentration, kindness and observation.

Anya, mother to Kai aged 3½ years said: ”Kai is 3½ years old and there is always a ‘new’ best thing he is obsessed with!

“One of his regular highlights is when the Mindful Monsters pack drops through the letter box. Those who have a child will know that getting (and keeping) a child’s attention is a challenge! Kai loves doing Mindful Monsters activities and we love those precious moments it creates for us as a family.

“Since Kai has been doing these activities, he has developed a real sense of people around him and we’ve noticed he’s become more engaged and considerate of other people and things around him.

“He has also developed his self-awareness, confidence and creativity, which we know will stand him in great stead for his future.”

Prices for the personalised products begin at £2.50 for the greetings card and magnet and can be ordered from  https://shop.mindfulmonsters.co.uk/

For more information about the Mindful Monsters activity programme visit www.mindfulmonsters.co.uk