Black Friday frenzy leads to spike in car crashes and break-ins

Black Friday frenzy leads to spike in car crashes and break-ins
Black Friday frenzy leads to spike in car crashes and break-ins

The rush for shoppers to bag the biggest Black Friday bargains has a literal knock-on effect on car crashes, according to new insurance figures.

Analysis of claims data by Co-op insurance has identified a 21 per cent spike on the last Friday in November.

This year Black Friday falls on November 23 and the Co-op’s Ian Kershaw is warning drivers to be vigilant if they are out and about as the roads are busier than usual.

Easy targets

According to the Co-op’s data, the number of claims for collisions and thefts jumps as drivers lose concentration or are targeted by opportunist criminals stealing vehicles or the recently bagged bargains they contain.

Ian Kershaw, head of claims at the Co-op, said: “Our claims data shows over recent years, Black Friday’s sales do lead to more traffic on UK roads and therefore an increasing number of incidents.

“Unfortunately we do see a spike in collisions at this time of year, when drivers seem to be more alert to bargains than the traffic, so we’re urging drivers to take extra care when they’re out on the roads. This weekend signals the start of our busy claims period, which ramps up pre-Christmas, before we see a calmer, festive period.

“Perhaps living up to its name, Cyber Monday does see fewer accidents reported in comparison to Black Friday so this may be a safer time to drive for many across the UK as it seems as though a lot of us stay at home.”

Co-op’s claims data highlights that Cyber Monday, due to take place on November 26 is becoming a safer day to drive on the roads for motorists, as people are more inclined to shop online. Last year, the number of claims decreased by 11 per cent when compared to 2015 figures.

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