Buying used: Porsche 924

Buying used: Porsche 924
Buying used: Porsche 924

Catch it while you can – prices are on the up

Buying your first Porsche is a life goal for many a petrolhead. But which model do you start with? Traditionally, it’s been the 924, the cheapest of Porsches most commonly found in the classifieds. Ignore the haters who describe it as not being a proper Porsche, because it is, and it’s this realization that’s helping prices start to creep up. So before they get too crazy, here’s what you need to know.

First things first, the engine. Yes, the early 2.0-litre motor was used in the Volkswagen LT van. But the version used in the Porsche 924 was actually derived from a unit used in the Audi 100, to which Porsche added on its own cylinder head to take power up to 125hp. Compare that to the 110hp from a period Ford Escort RS2000 for a measure of the Porsche’s potency.

This meant it was quick, for the time. 0-62mph in around eight seconds was as fast as a 1970s Porsche 911, and the later 2.5-litre 924 was faster still. This actually used the engine from the 944, and was a much smoother and more potent car.

Porsche 924

All 924s handle well. The gearbox is at the back, giving a near-perfect front-to-rear weight distribution. This makes them beautifully balanced in corners, and possessed with delightful steering. For the enthusiastic driver, the sheer adjustability in corners is a real treat, and the junior sports car is precise with it as well.

But what about prices, you may ask? Here’s where it gets better still. You can pick up a 924 for less than £4000, which sounds crazy-cheap, until you note that just a few years ago, less than £3000 was the order of the day. Prices are going up, so if you want to get a bargain, you need to act now.

We saw a tidy, usable example up for £3,650, and a truly beautiful 69,000-mile example with the most comprehensive history around for just under £10,000. Rest assured, it won’t be long before the 924 more regularly starts to top the £10k mark.

Porsche 924

There’s little doubt this purist Porsche is one of the few remaining classic car bargains out there. It’s a proper Porsche, with proper handling and proper lineage, which is why you really should act now and snap up a good one before the rest of the market fully cottons on and pushes prices up to unobtainable levels.

You’ve already promised yourself a Porsche. The fact the 924 is a sure-fire investment surely makes it easier to justify, no?

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