Kath Finlay

Feature: Getting to the root of green renaissance

Doncaster Free Press round Table on Education System Sam Debbage, deputy director of education DRI, David Kessen, Gwyn ap Harri XP School CEO, Clair Mowbray Chief Executive National College High Speed Rail and Kathryn Dixon, Head of Health and Well Being at Doncaster College

Column: Sexy v sensible that’s the career choices our young people face

Fantastic, I thought when I saw the news that Siemens would be building trains just half an hour up the road from central Doncaster.

Latest league tables out today.

Column: We’ve all got a role to play in improving social mobility

I watched Generation Gifted BBC2’s recent exploration of social mobility which asked the question ‘can disadvantaged children succeed in the same way as their more affluent peers?’ with interest.

Public squares, public art, housing and shops all feature in plans to transform the area around Doncaster Station.

Column: Swish apartment with roof top cinema 100 minutes from central London - is this the millennials’ dream?

Swish town centre apartment in iconic listed building with roof top cinema just 200 metres from the railway station...the ad was certainly eye-catching.

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