REVIEW – Nightmare Circus, Doncaster Racecourse. Runs until Friday November 1.

A hypersensory Hallowe’en happening that’s sure to scare your socks off!

Don’t turn up to the racecourse expecting acrobats, dancing bears and high wire acts is ain’t a circus at all but a somewhat trippy tour through a circus scenario packed with scary clowns, screwball seances and heartstopping shocks.

In groups of ten the petrified punters stroll through a series of nightmare scenarios set in a disused circus, where there may have been a terrible slaughter.

As you progress along the trail (and it’s a fair old walk – though some were so shocked they preferred to run) you are assailed by a series of creatures of the night, from zombies, vampires and ghouls to other supernatural entities which clearly haven’t read enough Stephen King to recognise.

What plot there is is pretty much irrelevant – this is all about the physical experience as you hurtle through the scenarios, never entirely sure what is going on. It’s a real rush – and the group we walked with were continually flipping between shrieks and smiles as we explored the maze.

At times it feels like trying to find your way back to your mates after an ill-advised trip to the bathroom in a massive club - endless, endless corridors, with brain numbing pulsating music and vicious strobes, and all this whilst you’re in such a physical and mental state that it would be much, much better for all concerned if you were tucked up at home with your teddy bear.

But in a good way, natch – Nightmare Circus is the best way you can spend a tenner this Hallowe’en.