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ARTY youngsters are hoping to convince TV funnyman David Walliams to say ‘yes’ to a visit to Doncaster.

The Little Britain star - famed for his ‘computer says no’ catchphrase - is being wooed by scores of schoolchildren who have produced a cartoon which they hope will persuade the comic to drop in.

Youngsters at schools across town have been working hard to get their hero to visit after they voted his children’s book Mr Stink the town’s number one at the annual Doncaster Book Awards.

Awards treasurer Phil Sheppard said: “The children are all really keen for him to come but we know he is a very busy man.

“But they are all such big fans we thought we’d try to do something that would catch his eye and get him to come up and see them.

“Fingers crossed it might work.”

The idea to tempt the star, also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, to South Yorkshire was hatched after children gave a huge thumbs-up to his book about a young girl who befriends a tramp.

The book topped the poll among children who had their say in last year’s annual vote, which was set up nine years ago to encourage children to read and enjoy books.

Mr Sheppard added: “We thought we’d do something to grab his attention and we came up with the idea of getting children to write a poem telling David why he should come to Doncaster.

“That developed into a rap, and then we thought it would be good to put together an animation video to send to him to show him how much the children in Doncaster love Mr Stink.”

Mr Sheppard, a Year three teacher at Hexthorpe Primary School, recruited pupils who set about producing the short video which is to be copied on to a DVD and sent to the celebrity.

Meanwhile, children at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School have been presented with prizes for contributing poetry to the production.

A link has already been sent to Walliams on Twitter, and children are hoping the publicity will convince the comedian to squeeze a date in Doncaster into his diary.

“We would really love it if he could collect his prize in person,” Mr Sheppard added.

Lesley Hurworth, chair of the Doncaster Book Awards, said: “The children have been ever so enthused. It would be fabulous if our efforts get him to come.”

* Click here to see Come to Donny David video link.




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