Wale impresses his new bosses

JOSH Wale greatly impressed his new big-name boxing bosses during a stay at the Hayemaker training camp in northern Cyprus.

The Brampton fighter drew praise from stable boss and world champion David Haye and head trainer Adam Booth who predict big things for the fast-rising super bantamweight.

Wale impressed with his high velocity attack in sparring with IBF Youth featherweight champion Martin Lindsay at the Hayemaker base in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and relished the chance to train with quality boxers.

The 20-year-old said: "I really enjoyed it. I had some good sparring sessions. In sparring I really excelled. At home I'm usually sparring with heavier kids. This allowed me to get in with somebody my own size and show my speed and strength with them. I did really well."

Wale's Rotherham-based promoter Dave Coldwell, now head of boxing at Hayemaker, was on hand at the camp to see his young prospect impress the high profile onlookers.

Coldwell said: "Josh did really well out there. I was over the moon with his progress and so were David Haye and Adam Booth. We're looking for a good opponent in September and then all being in eight to ten months getting him a British title fight. We think he can progress beyond that and be a top level fighter."

The ten day training camp was held to get all the new recruits to the Hayemaker stable together - including Sheffield's British light middleweight champion Ryan Rhodes - and give Haye and Booth the opportunity to see their new fighters in action first hand.

Wale's fast and furious style caught the eye of the pair who told him that they see a future for him at the top level of the sport.

He said: "They were really impressed with me and said I could go all the way and I've got world class potential. They've seen videos and think I've excelled everything that they expected of me. These people do not say things like that for nothing and they are not going to hold me back.

"They'd put me in for a British title fight tomorrow and I'd just fight anybody but it's all politics with different promoters. People see me as young and fresh so go the easier route to make a few quid."

WBO, and former WBC and WBA, crusierweight champion Haye was particularly impressed with the pace of Wale's assault during sparring session.

Wale said: "He came over to watch me spar while we were out there and said he's never known anybody throw as many punches. He said he gets a stitch just watching me. I'm always fit so when I train it's like that. It's good to hear that from someone like David. He's just a cracking bloke.

"It was good to watch him train, and Ryan Rhodes as well. You can pick stuff up off top fighters like them by just watching them train."

Hayemaker officials would like Wale to visit the camp regularly but he likes to prepare for bouts at home in Brampton with his close knit family and he is reluctant to leave his trainer and dad Mick, who has been ill recently.

He said: "They want me to go out regularly but it's difficult with my dad not being well and I'll just have to see how it is. It's a long way for him to go to train me when he's not well. I like my routine as well, I'm a bit of an old man before my time, taking my dogs out and doing my own thing before a fight."It's nice out there but after training I was too knackered to do anything else."

The plan is for Wale to make his return to the ring in September with initial plans placing the bout in Sheffield, but finding an opponent is proving difficult for the promoters as his reputation begins to grow with even former British champion Esham Pickering reluctant.

Wale said: "Hopefully they'll get the highest ranking super bantamweight they can find who will fight me. I think I'm seventh in the country now on the boxing news rankings so I'm looking to get up there now.

"They were having a look at Esham Pickering and it might come off in the future but not yet. It looks like he's going for Mark Moran next rather than me. We've tried a few people and we're looking to get a defence of the central area title because I've not done that yet. But they all seem to be running scared at the minute.

"I met Pickering the week before he lost the British title. He was surprised by how big I am for the weight, I could tell he was sizing me up, he knows I'm coming for him. He's a nice kid but that's not going to stop me smashing him up in the ring when we get in there."