Priestley on cloud nine after perfect leg of darts

DENNIS Priestley achieved darting perfection in Barnsley last weekend – the prestigious nine–dart leg.

And a matter of millimetres denied the Menace a repeat of the feat just a day later.

Nine darts is the minimum number that can be used to win a leg.

He told the Times: “I’m delighted to induct myself into the PDC 9 Dart Club.

“I’ve never done it in a competitive tournament as a professional before so it’s a special achievement.”

Priestley actually went on to lose the match to Mensur Suljovic after hitting the nine–darter.

The Menace almost produced another perfect leg on Sunday, also in Barnsley, but his ninth dart landed just the wrong side of the wire into double nine rather than double 12.

Priestley shared a £3200 pot with good friend Wayne Atwood who achieved the feat in the earlier round.

He said: “The money is nice but the achievement is better.

“If I’d done again a day later I would’ve only got £400 but just doing it twice in two days would have been incredible.”

To complete a brilliant few days for the 60-year-old, he received more good news regarding his recovery from prostate cancer.

He said: “I was back at the hospital this week but it was all good news.

“I only have to go every year now for the check so it’s really positive.”

Now Priestley in concentrating on adding consistency to his game after a year he describes as ‘disappointing’ so far.

He said: “I just can’t maintain strong play right now.

“I’ll average well into the 100s in the first round but fall apart after the break.

“I’ve got work to do.”