Josh Wale set for showdown with Kid Galahad

Josh Wale
Josh Wale

JOSH Wale is determined to burst the Ingle stable’s bubble by beating the highly touted Kid Galahad in a South Yorkshire showdown next month.

Wale is all set to challenge the Sheffield super bantamweight for his WBC international title at Hillsborough Leisure Centre on May 12, live on Channel Five.

Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad

And while he knows he’ll be the underdog going into the bout, Wale is certain he will pick up the victory.

He told the Times: “There’s a lot of buzz about this kid and there’s a lot of buzz around the Ingle gym because of what Kell Brook has done.

“But I’m going to burst the bubble big time next month when I do a number on him.

“This is a massive fight for me and it’s a massive fight for him because he’s never been in with anyone like me.

“I’ll give him hell from the start and he best get ready for a war.

“I boxed on with a broken jaw for four rounds and won so that should tell you what it will take to beat me.”

Wale’s last outing came in December when he beat Michael Ramabeletsa despite suffering a broken jaw.

Now fully healed, Wale is hungry and has moved back to his initial class of super bantamweight

He said: “I dropped down to bantamweight because I wasn’t getting fights at super, and it’s turned out the same way.

“Nobody wants to fight me because they know how dangerous I am.

“Fair play to Kid Galahad for taking this because he’s got a lot to lose.

“But I’m going to make him regret it afterwards.

“I’m strong at whatever weight I’m at, I was strong at super bantamweight before.

“But I was just a baby back then.

“I’m a man now, I’ve learned a lot about a lot and I’m ready for a fight like this.”

The slick Galahad is 11 fights unbeaten and has established himself as a headline fighter for Channel Five in recent months.

He was marked out as a future star following his comfortable points win over Jason Booth last month.

While Wale acknowledges Galahad’s skills, he believes the Upperthorpe fighter has some way to go to prove himself worthy of the hype.

Wale said: “He’s a decent kid but I don’t think he’s really fought anybody yet.

“The Booth fight is the only really testing one he’s had and Booth is on the way out.

“I’ve been in there with some top names like Craig Lyon and Matthew Marsh and I’ve held my own against them.

“I think I’ll be the toughest test Kid Galahad’s ever had nevermind the other way.”