Maddison back for Rotherham Titans

Barney Maddison
Barney Maddison

One of Rotherham Titans’ main forwards, second row Barney Maddison, who has suffered more than his fair share of serious injuries, is making a solid recovery and has now re-signed for next season.

Maddison, aged 25, missed most of last season because of a serious leg injury sustained in February and made only five starts during the previous campaign following a similar injury to the other leg.

Yet Maddison, all six foot five inches of him, has forged the reputation as being one of Rotherham’s most senior and respected players.

He has made almost 50 appearances for the Clifton Lane team, and can look forward to playing again towards the end of October, in the forthcoming Rugby Union season.

“Maddison really is a big player for us” says Titans’ coach Lee Blackett.

“He loves the club, relishes the physical confrontation of the Championship and with him returning to the squad in October, it is undoubtedly a major boost for us.

“He has shown a great deal of character in twice overcoming serious injury and his decision to re-sign for Rotherham is a major step forward for us both.”

Maddison, who joined Rotherham at the start of the 2011-12 season from North East side Tynedale, made eleven starts in the Championship during the last league season before damaging his leg against Moseley, at Clifton Lane.

The second row first established his reputation three years ago at Rotherham and Maddison’s decision to stay at Clifton Lane for a fourth season is unusual.

But, at the same time, the commitment has delighted Blackett who is aiming to bring continuity and stability to the club in terms of retaining players.