Holt v Hall IV: Why FootGolf was our toughest challenge yet

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For the fourth instalment of our Holt v Hall sporting challenge, Chris and I travelled to High Melton, near Doncaster, to try FootGolf.

And unlike some of our previous outings - which included the likes of archery and curling - we knew exactly what to expect.

As reasonable footballers, and not the worst golfers around, surely combining the two would be easy, right?


The sport is a lot more demanding than you realise, when you place the ball on the first tee at the picturesque course.

A variety of roughs, bunkers and - as Chris found on a number of occasions - nettles make it very interesting, and it’s easy to see why it’s growing in popularity day by day.

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The exact origins of FootGolf as a sport are unclear, although the Netherlands organised the first nine-hole tournament on a golf course back in 2009. The first World Cup was held in 2012, and featured players from Hungary, Argentina, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and the United States. Stars to have tried their hand at FootGolf include Frank de Boer, Ruud Gullit and Juan Sebastian Veron, and Wayne Rooney had a round with golf star Rory McIlroy for a Nike TV advert last year. FootGolf is exploding on a global scale, but what’s the connection with South Yorkshire? Well, the UK’s Centre of FootGolf Excellence is in Doncaster and, guided by former Premier League star Bryan Hughes, Chris and myself putted, chipped and punted our way around the excellent course before I eventually came out on top (behind Bryan, as expected), with Chris a valiant second. The scorecard, proudly displayed on my desk, boasts FootGolf as ‘the best sport ever invented’. That may be a little ambitious, but it was certainly both enjoyable and challenging. And, pardon the pun, we had a ball.

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