Kevin Phelan: Sequentia vow to spend big on Doncaster Rovers

John Ryan (centre) has publicly backed Sequentia Capital's takeover proposal.
John Ryan (centre) has publicly backed Sequentia Capital's takeover proposal.

Sequentia Capital have unveiled their plan to take Doncaster Rovers to the next level - and turn John Ryan’s Premier League dream into reality.

Kevin Phelan, Sequentia’s Irish-based frontman, spoke to the Free Press last week about his consortium’s vision for the club.

The Belize-based hedge fund signed a Heads of Terms agreement with Rovers in June, only for talks to subsequently stall.

Chairman John Ryan has since been forthright in his support for Sequentia’s proposal.

“John approached me first - he’s desperate to take the club to the next level,” said Phelan, who was involved in Westferry’s purchase of the club in 1998.

“Perhaps he doesn’t have the capacity to do that himself.

“When we purchased the club in 1998 it was a different ball game. The club had no stadium and virtually no players. It was a shambles.

“Rovers have come a long way since then. Obviously the new stadium is in place, the playing squad is of reasonable quality and they’re in the Championship. The club’s in a much better place.

“Our focus would be on the playing squad. We have a three to five year plan to get the club into the Premier League.

“I took a different approach to the acquisition this time around. I went to meet the manager.

“I’ve spoken to Paul Dickov about our plans and I like the guy. He’s an up-and-coming manager and he was easy to talk to.

“He had some good ideas on how to get this club into the Premier League. We went through the figures with him and he bought into our idea.

“People might think ‘Doncaster Rovers in the Premier League?’ But why not?

“We were involved at Hull City in the late nineties and look at them now.

“I met Billy Sharp, Shay Given and Richard Dunne and they were all prepared to come here. Obviously things have moved on now - but they were willing to come.

“It’s difficult talking about figures, it can make life difficult for the manager when people know what you have,” he continued.

“But we’re prepared to invest £20 million plus over the next three to five years. It’s going to take that sort of investment to move the club to the next level.

“We’ve done the figures and we believe there’s a huge opportunity for Doncaster Rovers, particularly with the new financial fair play rules.

“It’s more of a level playing field with those rules now in place.

“When the club are promoted, the income will justify the spend.”