Doncaster Rovers: Ferguson has got us ‘more on edge’ - Williams

Andy Williams
Andy Williams

Andy Williams says Darren Ferguson’s personality and positive approach have perked up him and his teammates.

Williams scored his first league goal from open play in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Colchester United.

Asked how Ferguson had changed things at Rovers, Williams said: “I think he’s just been a lot more positive to be honest.

“He’s got a mentality around the place where he makes everyone a little bit more on edge because he’s got that sort of stigma about him.

“On top of that he’s a lot more positive in the way he’s got us playing. He’s got everyone knowing their roles in the team.

“More importantly for us strikers is that he’s got people feeding us. I think that’s what we lacked before.

“I think a lot’s been made of people not scoring in certain games but for me the chances haven’t been coming so I wasn’t particularly frustrated personally in that respect. The only thing that frustrated me was some of our performances over the last few weeks.”

He added: “I came here with aspirations of getting promoted and we’ve been sat in the bottom four. That frustrates you as much as anything. If you’re not playing well or not scoring but the team’s doing well you can live with it a bit more.

“Life was getting a bit frustrating but the gaffer’s come in and a had a good few chats with me, explaining why he was bringing me in and out of the team to keep me fresh.

“It was a time when I’ve only just moved up here, I’ve finally got my wife and child up here and we’ve moved into a house.

“So it was perfect timing to come out for the Shrewsbury game. It’s freshened me up and I’ve felt good since then.”