All eyes on next derby instalment, as rivals paired together in cup

United's Steve Ellor scores a penalty against Main. Picture: Andrew Roe
United's Steve Ellor scores a penalty against Main. Picture: Andrew Roe

One derby down - two to go.

Ever since Denaby Main won promotion to the Premier Division last season, they will have been looking forward to a meeting with their near rivals United.

Now, after a 6-0 demolition, they don’t have long to wait to put things right, after drawing United in the quarter final of the Dawson & Burgess Premier Division K.O. Cup, to be played at Tickhill Square on November 23.

“I think we have the better side on paper,” United secretary Steve Pugh said.

“But Main have two more chances to prove their worth, and I’m sure they will be determined to do so.”

Pugh admits he only saw the second half of Saturday’s clash, by which time United were 3-0 up, Main were reduced to ten men and referee Andrew Brailey was under severe fire.

“I understand there were a few contentious decisions from Main’s point of view, including the sending off and the amount of injury time played,” he added.

“But the game was won by half time and we just had to knock the ball about as the hard work had been done.

The lads were just told to go out there, keep their heads and be professional, and that’s what happened.

“Main didn’t do that as much, as the scoreline probably suggests.”

Pugh hopes that the result isn’t too damaging to Main’s season - or their future as a club.

“I remember last season when we lost 6-0 to Rossington,” he said.

“We lost four or five players after that game, to Main.

“That spurred us on and we went on to win the Premier Division, but it could have easily gone the other way and I hope they don’t self-implode.

“I remember how I felt after losing 6-0 and it wasn’t a nice feeling, but I imagine it’s a lot worse against your local rivals.”

Main’s Andrew Nota, meanwhile, added: “Disappointed just isn’t the word.

“We just didn’t turn up on the day. We are a young team and we went into the game with a lot of hope, we had a lot of posession early on but ultimately we couldn’t deliver.

“It wasn’t a dirty game at all, and I think there was one bad challenge all game.

“But we can’t moan at the referee - we should know better. Some referees may have let some of the stuff go, of course, with it being a local derby, but we just want them to be consistent.

“He somehow added 15 minutes on at the end of the first half and in that 15 minutes, we went 3-0 down, and had a man sent off.

“At 2-0 down with eleven men, we had a chance to get back in it. But at 3-0 down with ten, we didn’t.”

Main hope to strengthen their squad with one or two experienced campaigners before their next outing, in the cup against Kirkburton on October 12.

“We need a little bit of experience and nous,” Nota added.

“That’s what United had, a number of leaders, and that proved crucial.”