Why it’s quicker to Barnsley by BIKE than by Stagecoach!


I am writing in reference to a letter written by Mr A C Laban of Mexborough, dated March 31.

Mr Laban was commenting on bus services between Doncaster Road, Mexborough and Wombwell.

Well, I am writing to complain about the standard of bus services between Doncaster and Barnsley!

A few weeks ago, my wife and I travelled from our home in Conisbrough to do some shopping in Barnsley.

We had to catch two buses, and it took a total of one hour, 55 minutes to get from the bus stop on Doncaster Road to Barnsley Bus Station.

I think this is disgraceful.

As a young man I cycled between Denaby and Barnsley, and it took me only 45 minutes.

The bus between Doncaster and Barnsley goes through a maze of different villages, including Denaby, Swinton and Wath among other places.

The 222 bus we usually get goes all the way to Barnsley, but on this occasion we had to get off at Mexborough and then get another bus to Barnsley.

I have contacted Stagecoach and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive about this and they told me it was two buses on this occassion, because of road works in Balby.

But I think this is a poor excuse. After Balby, it is a clear run between Conisbrough and Barnsley.

There are six of these buses which run every hour around all of the estates, and sometimes the buses are empty.

What I would suggest is that two of these buses per hour take a more direct route from Doncaster to Barnsley.

This would cut down on the time it takes to get from one town to the other.

This direct route could also stop off at such places as Conisbrough Railway Station, the Station Hotel and near the Netto and Home Bargains at Denaby.

There is currently no bus which stops at the railway station which, again, I think is ridiculous.

On another note, the bus stop I use on Doncaster Road used to be called Don View, but was then changed to Milner Gate Lane.

This is not anywhere near the bus stop!

I pointed this out to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, and they told me the stop will soon be renamed Drake Head Lane... which is also wrong.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has an opinion on these issues.

Brian Boyes,