Public need to know about underhand health plans


I HAVE read your piece about the hospital and think it is diabolical that these people – who get paid far too much – make these decisions that affect our lives.

It is not practical for the public to endure these changes to the hospital, especially if you come from the other side of Doncaster and need rehabilitation.

It will be a long, tiring journey before you even start the treatment you need.

I live in Swinton and both my daughters were born there.

It not only serves Mexborough, but the surrounding area too.

The miners paid their hard-earned cash for the hospital, long before the directors or myself were thought of, never mind born.

The next thing they will do is close it down after they have made all the changes they want, and put it down to tax loss.

The public need to know how underhanded it is, so the plans can be stopped.

Mrs S Merrick,